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Taurine is an amino acid naturally present in the human body. You also consume it every day in food products. Taurine helps all kinds of biological processes in our body. Taurine is also known for contributing to mental alertness, better muscle performance, a faster recovery and the reduction of fatigue.

This added vitamin B complex plays an important role in your total energy metabolism – for example in the accumulation and breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins. It also supports normal mental performance and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the human body. That is why it is added to Caesarz. Caffeine also occurs naturally in products such as coffee, tea and chocolate. Ceasarz contain 300mg caffeine/100g. When consumed in moderation, caffeine is not harmful.

*Ceasarz are not recommended for children, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine.

Ceasarz sweets can be used at times when you need some extra energy and concentration. This can be during or after sports, in a meeting at work, while studying, but also, for example, if you want to stay sharp during a long car ride. One advantage: they are easy to take with you anywhere.

1 portion = 3 sweets. You can of course also consume more or less sweets as needed.

Caesarz sweets are 100% vegan.

Caesarz sweets are gluten-free.

Ceasarz sweets contain natural colourings and flavourings

This is an initiative of Dutch sweet manufacturers. As with many other things in life, eating sweets is about finding the right balance and variation. You should be able to treat yourself once in a while, but overeating is never good. Go for a balanced choice of not too much and not too often.

For more information, we refer you to the website https://genietgerust.nl/

Consume in moderation. Can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle, but it should not replace a varied and balanced diet.